2013 Website News

2013 Website News

Two new Mobile versions of websites this week. One responsive to the size of the device on which it is being viewed & one where mobile phones divert to a new set of pages specifically focused on the needs of mobile users.

A good opportunity to contrast the two variations:
1. Responsive: www.carmelsheehantravel.co.nz
2. Specific Mobile Version: www.bowtech.org.nz

30th Nov 2013
Four sites launched this month:
IRHACE - www.irhace,org.nz
Goodwood Park - www.goodwood.org.nz
Climate Control Companies Assn - www.ccca.org.nz
Glassways - www.glassways.co.nz

1st Nov 2013

This week we have completed a redesign of the IRHACE Website. A much more modern design than the previous one we did a few years ago.

In particular notice the clean lines & minimal design elements. (Clean & simple actually takes a lot of work to produce)

Let us know what you think...

Completed site upgrade for The Christmas Catalogue: a redesign of this ecommerce website.  Shopping experience enhanced by:
  • Easier to find product categories
  • Multiple images per product
  • Mouse-over for zoomed in view of thumbnail
  • Added Videos
  • Enhanced view of printed catalogue
What do you think?


It's been a really busy 6 weeks:
  • Staff away overseas;
  • A series of illnesses
  • Clients with short deadlines. 
Despite that we have produced these websites:
Xcessorise   www.xcessorise.co.nz  A major redesign of the website,
both presentation and functionality
East Health  www.easthealth.co.nz  A Governement PHO, site upgraded and now includes more interactive info & search data.  Mobile website also produced
IFAJ World Congress 2015  www.congress2015.co.nz  World Congress for Agricultural Journalists being hosted in NZ. Will include registration functions as the date draws closer.  Also include a Mobile Website
Concrete Breakers  www.concretebreakers.co.nz   A new small business with entry level website.  The name says it all
Webdzinz CMS Demonstration  www.webdesignsauckland.co.nz A website that we can use to demonstrate our system for website content updates.
JP Exports  www.jpexports.co.nz  Fruit & Produce exporters - see the catelogue of F & P available
Remuera Village Medical Clinic  www.rvmc.co.nz  Took over this site from previous host & remanufactured it using our own CMS System - clients delighted
Williams IT Services  www.williamsit.co.nz   Existing client, site upgraded from a static site to a dynamic one - capable of unlimited pages.
AlarmLock www.alarmlock.co.nz Added a mobile site for this longstanding customer.

Have a look at our latest Mobile website. This one is for one of our oldest (longest standing) customers: AlarmLock, who are a Locksmiths and Alarm installation company based in Papakura, Auckland.
Look here: www.alarmlock.co.nz/mobile

July 2013
Mobile websites launched:

Standard websites launched (all upgrades from existing sites:

Another Busy week
2 sites completed at opposite ends of the spectrum:

A) www.mrgordons.co.nz
A very simple website both in design & construction. Small number of pages & content. Very focused. A commercial laundry service based in Central Auckland.

B) www.worldmoving.co.nz
Complex & detailed website with a large number of pages & amount of info. The 4th version of this customers website that we have produced, each is better than the last.

This one is a Responsive website so that people with different sized computer screens will see a view that is customised for their particular view.

Nice simple Mobile website with abbreviated information for people in a hurry.
Very clear Call-to-Action

One of our 'MyOnlineCatalogue' websites launched today for AquaGo Drinking Fountains
Water dispensers & Drinking Fountains.

Three website upgrades completed & launched this week:

1. Natural Oils - added a mobile version of their eCommerce website - people are now able to browse their product range online and buy goods online using their Credit Card

2. British Movers - upgraded an old SHTML website to a dynamic CMS driven website which is responsive for people using Smartphones or Tablets.

3. Australian Movers - sister company of British Movers - same upgrade but with different design persoanlised for people moving to or from Australia.

Have had a busy time with a rush of completed websites:
www.janicekingston.co.nz - Marriage Celebrant
www.lilliputt.co.nz - Auckland's Original Minigolf - now expanded
www.knox.co.nz  - Retirement Home & Hospital - site upgrade

Another Let's Get Started Package Website launched yesterday.
This one includes a Photo Gallery & a Product Catalogue with lots of links to product suppliers' websites.

30 April 2013

Our newest eCommerce website: www.laika.co.nz .
Specialising in fishing, camping & outdoor equipment for adventurous Kiwis.

20 April 2013

This week we have completed a minor reformatting of the Website for Caughey Preston Rest Home: www.caughey-preston.org.nz and at the same time launched a new Mobile Phone version.

Check it out on your smartphone.

ALSO, launched a new website. This one is for local Handyman and all-round expert Cameron Hayward.  Have a look at his website & see tons of photos of his work: - www.handyworkz.co.nz  

Have also completed REBRANDING for ourselves and UPGRADED our own website.
Check out our new Logo:

Have a look our our exciting new website:  www.webdzinz.co.nz  

28 March 2013

Design upgrade completed for a website belonging to one of our oldest customers.
Fyfe Homes are one of the premier home builders in New Zeland with a top class reputation.
Have a look at their new website design which provides an enhanced call to action and simple but effective presentation of photos & videos togh=ther with a list of properties for sale.

27 March 2013

Absolute Airconditioning and Refrigeration have been our clients since 2002 and today we have launched the latest upgrade to their website.
It is light in colour and has a relaxed airy feeling, and it packs in a big lot of information.

We have also produced a Mobile friendly version of this website with a Call-to-action focused on making it easy to "Ring Us".   www.aar.co.nz

23 March 2013

Another 2 websites launched this week - both are our entry level package but both also have enhancements to the basic package:
The Trade Team: www.tradeteam.co.nz Added Photo Galleries & also Mobile Version of Website
Saving Works www.savingworks.co.nz Added the option to have unlimited pages.

13 March 2013

A big day with 3 new websites launched, 2 of which also had Mobile Websites, plus another Mobile website for an existing website. WHEW.

FloorPrep: www.concretesurfaceprep.co.nz --   Full Site & Mobile
OSMO Australia: www.osmoaustralian.com.au  --   Full Site & Mobile
Advanced Print & Design: www.advancedprint.co.nz --   Full Site
Natural Timber Oils Victoria: www.ntov.com.au --   Mobile site

11 Feb 2013

Harrington Property Inspections

Yet another 5 page website produced & launched today - Property surveyor & inspector: www.harringtoninspections.co.nz


8 Feb 2013

Launched a new website today for the Clutha Valley Tuapeka Heritage Trust, Otago.
Another of our "Let's Get Started" Packages
Used a new Photo Gallery function on this website - let us know what you think... www.tuapekamouthferry.co.nz

5 Feb 2013

Another Cataloguer Package website published today.
A New Zealand company "Southern Kowhai Exports Ltd" who export fruit and produce all over the world. Detailed pages about all the different varieties available and seasonal calendar.  www.southernkowhai.co.nz

2nd week of 2013 - another 3 websites:

1. Humble Baguette - a simple little website for a French Cafe in Manukau City. Simple but stylish (have had a number of positive feedbacks already).  www.humblebaguette.co.nz

2. Another Mobile Website: - use your smartphone to check out www.bnieastauckland.co.nz

3. Ecosmart Products - a small eCommerce website with focused range of eco-friendly, organic pesticides.  www.ecosmartproducts.co.nz

Two new websites for the first week of 2013:

1. Image Glass: This is a new company specialising in glass splashbacks for kitchens and other    household glass. Printed glass produces spectacular results.

It's a simple website which very effectively showcases their products and expertise.

2. Crawford Transport: are an independent line haul trucking firm who specialise in container transport. Their motto is "We like a challenge, bring it on"

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