Monday, March 3, 2014

Trends in Website Design

At Webdzinz we have been tracking trends in website design for over 12 years now and have observed over the past 15-18 months a strong move towards more simplicity in website design. 

Much of the driving force for this change is the resurrection of the notion that the message is far more important to the reader than the design.  Professional design supports the content rather than the other way around but does so while maintaining a smooth, seamless & attractiveness presentation.

All of this adds up to more sophistication in the design.

You may have detected a lot of 'S' words in this article:
  • Sophistication
  • Smooth
  • Seamless
  • Simple
  • Stylish
  • Sharp
Other words that describe this trend include:
  • Modern
  • Dramatic
  • Minimalistic
  • Clean
  • Crisp lines
Here are links to some examples of site that we have produced over recent times that demonstrate these design principles:

We'd be interested in your thoughts on this design trend.