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4 April 2015

TAA Logistics website has been upgraded, modernised so that it now has an up-to-date design & is a responsive website, looks good & works well on mobile devices (& meets Google criteria)
Have a look here:

23 March 15
www.iconstruct.net.nz is a new site launched over the weekend. This is a company of Building Contractors who have had a site with us for 5 years & are now upgrading it to both
reflect the changing nature of their business & to modernise their site.

We like the slideshow & photo galleries in this website.

It is created using responsive website design so why not have a look using your smartphone & then compare what you see on a desktop.

13 March 15
Another Friday and another website launched.
This is a new website for a new business who are experts in Digital Marketing Strategies: www.clicksmart.co.nz

9 March 15

Have a look at the latest website upgrade out of Webdzinz design & production team. This one is for Abercrombie Engraving who have been customers for quite a few years

Their motto is: "Our first impression is your lasting impression".

We hope that you'll like your first impression of the new website which features the latest website design techniques and showcases a large selection of the products and services that you can get from Abercrombie Engraving.

3 March 15
We have now completed & launched a large & complex site for Remediation NZ Ltd who trade under the names: Revital Fertiliser; Revital Growwell & Revital Aggregate.

Chock full of useful info for anyone interested in Horticulture, both farm-wide & for the householder.

Revital Fertilizer Revital Group, fertilisers for horticulture & gardens and aggregates for landscaping.

Check it out www.revitalfert.co.nz

25 Feb 15
Our latest website to launch was produced in under a week.

It was a quick, but a very effective, outcome.
The site is also responsive: so that it automatically adapts itself to be user friendly on whatever size device people are using to view it:
Big screen; Tablet or Mobile phone

Check it out: www.hygienefactor.co.nz

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