Friday, November 22, 2013

Website redesign & upgrade

We have had an interesting month so far, have completed & launched three website upgrades for existing clients.

In one case all the website content remained the same and it was just the design that we updated:

1. Climate Control Companies Assn.
 This website was 2 1/2 years old and the structure on the website had grown substantially so that the design was now very cumbersome. Now there is a modern, clean, simple design that allows a readers to focus easily on the important information.

The other two had a full makeover of design & content.

2. Goodwood Park Healthcare
Customers since 2006. Most recent site was 5 years old and well out of date both in style and information. The new site is a CMS System so that they can keep it up to date as their business needs evolve.

3. Glassways
Glaziers based in Pukekohe, New Zealand.
This website was over 6 years old and now has a much more current look, focusing on real products that they supply and install.