Wednesday, December 11, 2013

5 Tips for Business Owners leading up to Xmas


1.    Get organised.

Just like any other event or deadline, make a list of thing to do & prioritise. Once you have them on paper put them out of your mind and focus on working your way through the list.

2.    Review last year’s activities. 
What did you do that worked last year?  Review which product and services performed well and which didn’t.  Did you have enough staff to handle increased holiday traffic?  Think of how you can improve your promotions and marketing efforts from last year.

3.    Prepare your team to up the client service ante
Get your team ready. Staff training sessions prepare them for the extra volume of customers/Sales. They will be under more pressure than usual but a positive, helpful attitude will make the busy period more pleasant for all. Assess whether you need some temp staff.

4.    Shout from the rooftops
Don't be shy about making your business as visible as possible. All promotional materials should be Christmassy! Promote your unique selling points to remind loyal customers and attract potential ones. Consider adding limited-time discounts or expanding your sales/marketing channels. All good points for your Xmas Newsletter

5.    After the party
After the hustle and bustle of Christmas business tends to be quieter post-Christmas, this is the time to take some time off for a holiday. When you get back perform a business health check with your business advisor to help kick start your path to financial success in the New Year..

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